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Rebel Storage Stool

Explore the multifaceted Rebel Storage Stool – a mobile seating solution that combines comfort, utility, and vibrant style, perfect for contemporary learning spaces.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W435 x D335 x H450
Optional Seat Pad



Warranty5 Years

Ergonomic Design with Modern Mobility

The Rebel Storage Stool is an embodiment of modern educational furniture design. It takes the essence of the Rebel Stool range and enhances it with mobility, featuring a base with castors that glide smoothly across classroom floors. This addition ensures that the stool is not just a seating option but a dynamic piece of equipment that supports the fluidity of learning environments.

Effortless Movement, Durable Construction

Crafted with meticulous attention to durability, this stool is designed to sustain the daily demands of bustling educational settings. The smooth castors are robust, providing easy manoeuvrability without compromising on stability, allowing for a safe and flexible seating option that moves with the needs of the classroom.

Personal Storage Solution

What sets the Rebel Storage Stool apart is its ingenious open front and base design, providing a convenient storage solution for students' personal belongings. This feature promotes a tidy and organised space, empowering students to take ownership of their learning environment by keeping their essentials within reach.

A Palette to Inspire

Available in three vibrant colours – Ultramarine, Scarlet and Dove – the Rebel Storage Stool adds a splash of colour to any classroom setting. The optional seat pads come in a spectrum of colours that can be tailored to the interior design of any educational space. These colours not only brighten classrooms but also serve as a visual cue for designated areas or learning groups, facilitating an organised and engaging learning environment.

Adaptable to Every Educational Niche

The Rebel Storage Stool is a chameleon among classroom furniture. Its design is versatile enough to fit into various educational settings, from the vibrant hub of a primary school library to the focused study zones of a high school. The mobility feature adds a layer of functionality that is ideal for group activities, workshops or any setting where movement is encouraged.

Sustainability and Choice

In line with contemporary educational values, the choice of materials for the Rebel Storage Stool reflects a commitment to sustainability. The materials are selected for their durability and environmental footprint, ensuring that the stool is not only a practical choice for today's schools but also a responsible one for tomorrow's world.

Rebel offers a unique combination of individual storage, customisable comfort and effortless mobility, making it an invaluable asset for any classroom.

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Optional Seat Pad

9 choices available

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