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Exam Package


25x Rune Stacking Table
1x FREE Storage Trolley

Starting From

$2,875 + GST



Warranty7 Years

As the exam season approaches, school staff often grapple with the tedious task of setting up and taking down exam spaces. Enter the Rune Stacking Table Package: the epitome of design meets functionality, specifically curated for secondary school exam periods.

Key Benefits:

  • Slimline Design: The Rune stacking tables boast a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, finished in our signature Natural Oak laminate.
  • Stackability: Crafted for convenience, these tables don’t just look good but are engineered to stack effortlessly, ensuring optimal space management.
  • Bulk Purchase Value: Acquire 25 Rune stacking tables and receive a FREE storage trolley, ensuring a hassle-free storage solution.

💡 Why Rune? 

  • Mobility: Lightweight by design, these tables are easy to move, making exam setups a breeze.
  • Versatility: While they shine during the exam season, their appeal isn’t seasonal. Their design finds favour in classrooms, libraries, and during parent-teacher conferences, ensuring they're a year-round asset.
  • Space Efficiency: Their stackable nature translates to a clutter-free environment, especially when not in use.


🚫 Say Goodbye to Hassles: The Rune table package addresses one of the biggest pain points schools face during exam season - the tedious task of setting up and tearing down. Our intuitive design and features ensure that this once cumbersome task is now a thing of the past. 

 Welcome to the Rune experience.

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