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Student Desk

Studiwell Double

The perfect blend of durability, adjustability, and student-focused design.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W1200 x D600 x H495-720


Height Adjustable

Warranty10 Years

Elevate Classroom Dynamics with Studiwell

Every primary school environment demands furniture that isn’t just functional, but also aligns with the evolving pedagogical needs of today’s learners. Introducing the Studiwell Double Student Table, an epitome of reliable functionality combined with modern classroom dynamics.




Crafted for Collaborative Learning

Studiwell ensures that students don’t just learn, but experience education. Designed to accommodate two students, it promotes collaborative learning, while ensuring individual space. With each student having their distinct workspace, the table fosters a sense of responsibility and focus.

Safety and Comfort at the Forefront

Rounded edges are not just a design choice. They are a reflection of our commitment to student safety - add to this the adjustable frame, and you have a table that morphs according to the height needs of the students. 

Organised Learning, Simplified

Optional built-in tote tray trays are a game-changer. Gone are the days of messy tables and lost stationery. Students can now have their essential learning tools at their fingertips, ensuring organised and efficient learning sessions.

Strength Meets Aesthetics

A table that wobbles or one that wears out quickly is a distraction. The Studiwell table’s welded frame, adorned with an anti-scratch, ripple powder-coat, ensures longevity and robustness. Coupled with a vibrant range of standard laminate colours, writable whiteboard surfaces and natural timbers, the table is as much a treat to the eyes as it is to the learning process.

Adaptability at its Best

Different students, different needs. Recognising this, the Studiwell table offers five fixed height increments, ensuring that students from all age groups find their comfortable spot.

The Studiwell Double Student Table isn’t just a piece of furniture. It's a statement. A statement that says you care about the quality, comfort, and safety of your students' learning environment.

Take the leap. Make learning a delightful experience with the Studiwell Double Student Table.

► Fixed increments of 495, 555, 610, 690, 720 mm

Product Finishes

E0 Laminate

10 choices available

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