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Secure It

Get to know the Secure It Collection

A secure, modular storage solution for personal belongings!

The Secure it locker range offers secure storage for personal items and belongings with easy, individual access in conveniently sized bays. With a modular format to accommodate expansion, the Secure it range is right at home in school breezeways, offices and gyms with a wide range of customisable door finishes to suit any space.

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Durability, modularity and flexibility for the next generation of learning spaces.

The Secure it collection comes fully sealed with reinforced frames, a moisture resistant base and heavy duty hinges and rivets for longevity. The modular design allows you to add units to perfectly fit your space and user requirements, and additional bays can always be added later and as required. Secure it offers maximum flexibility with a wide range of sizes and heights including optional sloped tops, numbering and locks.

Modular Design

Secure it's modular design is available in 3 heights and 4 widths making it easy to accommodate your users and your space.

The perfect size

Available in a range of sizes, including full, three quarter and half heights, as well as single, double, triple and quad bay widths to suit your needs.

Make it Mobile

Our mobile units are right at home in learning commons and break out areas and can also be used to define large spaces.

finishes to suit

With an extensive range of door finishes including melamine, hardwood and compact laminates in a variety of colours and timber finishes to suit your decor.

durability for longevity

The Secure it range comes fully sealed with reinforced frames, a moisture-resistant base and heavy duty hinges and rivets for 24/7 wear and tear.

Optional extras 

Options include; routered numbering for identification, additional shelves, sloping tops for added hygiene, charging and power supply and combination locks. 

Secure IT Collection

Product Details.

The Secure it Locker collection is ideal for use anywhere you need to store belongings. Each door has its own access allowing you to keep items safe and secure.

As storage requirements and space availability differs, this clever storage system has been designed to provide flexible options, in a wide range of sizes, to meet your diverse needs.

Warranty: 7 Year Limited Warranty

  • Available in 3 heights and 4 widths
  • Moisture resistant 40mm H plinth base protects from moisture and dirt
  • Heavy duty hinges and tamper proof rivets withstand 24/7 use 
  • Replaceable, ABS edged, fully sealed doors 
  • Fully laminated carcass in sealed, laminated board for hygiene, health and safety
  • 8 in-house E0 Laminate finishes available
  • 100+ Laminex and Polytec laminate finishes available, including compact laminate
  • Full height, single FS1 units include coat hook
  • Optional sloping top keeps tops tidy
  • Optional routered locker numbering
  • Optional combination locks
  • Optional integrated power and charging options

Available in full, three quarter and half heights.

Single bay, half height
375W x 580D x 970H

Single bay, three quarter height
375W x 580D x 1270H

Single bay, full height
375W x 580D x 1860H

Double bay, half height
725W x 580D x 970H

Double bay, three quarter height
725W x 580D x 1270H

Double bay, full height
725W x 580D x 1860H

Triple bay, half height
1075W x 580D x 970H

Triple bay, three quarter height
1075W x 580D x 1270H

Triple bay, full height
1075W x 580D x 1860H

Quad bay, half height
1075W x 580D x 970H

Mobile, double bay
810W x 500D x 1075H

Mobile, quad bay 
1600W x 500D x 1075H

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Materials + Finishes
►  Standard Laminate
►  Custom Laminate
►  Premium Timber



►  Powder Coated Steel
Explore the Secure It Collection

Secure it provides Options for all your personal storage needs!

The Secure it collection is uniquely modular and offers a wide array of options, styles, height profiles and finishes to suit all and any personal storage requirements.


01. FS SINGLE    series 

Ideal for small or personal spaces, the narrow footprint of the Secure it FS series suits individuals or small groups of users.


02. FD Double series

The double bay series are a convenient size for personal storage in any environment. The 2x2 bay is our most popular.


03. Ft triple    Series 

Common rooms, breezeways and gyms are the perfect setting for our large triple bay Secure it locker range. 


04. Qs single 3/4 Height series

More compact than full height whilst still providing generous storage for all your personal effects.


05. QD double 3/4 height Series

Offering generous storage without impeding sight lines that's the three quarter height double series lockers.


06. QT Triple 3/4 height series

Compact and functional, the three quarter height triple series is big on storage but small on space with its lower height profile.


07. HS Single 1/2 height Series

At half the height, the HS series provides convenient storage without impeding sight lines or closing in your space.


08. HD double 1/2 height Series 

Ideal as a room divider or to define learning areas in large spaces the half height series offer personal storage in a compact space. 


09. HT triple 1/2 height Series

Half the height of our full height lockers, the HT triple bay is big on storage, small on space as well as making the perfect room divider.


10. MQ mobile quad series 

The Secure it mobile locker is ideal for use anywhere you need to store belongings. Ideal for class rooms and learning commons.

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