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Island in Action
See how Avila College utilised the Island Curve 1050 High Tables in their new VCE centre.
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Early Learning

Play based learning is the key theme in preschool and early learning centres as curiosity sparks connection.

Establishing a conducive + supportive environment for young children!

Play based learning is the key theme in preschool and early learning centres as curiosity sparks connection. Open plan settings with natural materials that eliminate distractions encourage focussed learning, whilst social spaces promote interaction.

Young learners are often hyperaware of their environment, and their behaviour is frequently impacted by it. Selecting the right furniture aides in providing a comfortable and engaging environment for young children.

Crafting and Defining Zones + Activities.

Play-based formats are not just a method of learning; they are a cornerstone of educational evolution, providing unmatched guidance as students embark on a journey of discovery and understanding by observing their peers around them. This dynamic approach to learning fosters an environment where little learner are not merely passive recipients of information but active participants in their own educational journey.

Southern Autistic School
Hazel Glen EL
Hazel Glen 2-1

Spaces That Foster Sharing and Learning

  1. The Sensory Exploration Zone. Dive into a world of textures, sounds, and sights. Design this zone with varied materials and interactive elements that challenge young learners to engage all their senses, fostering cognitive growth and fine motor skills development.

  2. The Creative Expression Zone. A space where imagination takes flight. Prioritise open areas, versatile surfaces for art, and ample storage for materials. Use soft lighting and neutral colours, allowing children's creations to be the main focus and spark artistic exploration.

  3. The Collaborative Play Zone. Cultivate camaraderie and sharing. Design with ample floor space, ensuring room for group activities. Incorporate movable furniture to easily adapt the setting, facilitating diverse games and cooperative endeavours.

Early Leaning - Friendly Furnishings

Understanding the diverse needs of Early Learning environments, VE Furniture offers a range of furnishings that combine durability with adaptability:

  • Seating Solutions: Move beyond traditional seating with options that support various postures and activities, from standing and rolling to casual lounging, encouraging collaboration and comfort.

  • Tables and Worksurfaces: Our play-based learning tables are designed for flexibility, allowing easy configuration into compact pods or individual setups. With durability to withstand the diverse demands of little learners.

  • Storage Options: VE Furniture provides innovative storage solutions to keep toys organised and materials and tools within reach. Our mobile units are perfect for inquisitive minds, making playtime fun.

Joining Forces for the Future of Early Education

At VE Furniture, we're acutely aware that the cornerstone of impactful Early Learning is fostering environments ripe for discovery, creativity and self discovery. Our dedication to delivering superior, flexible furniture solutions is steadfast. We stand with Australian educational institutions in their mission to cultivate tomorrow's pioneers. Together, let's shape the education landscape of the future.

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