Made for Change

The makerspace is a hub for problem solving, creativity and group collaboration. It's not about the room itself, but about the innovative culture that it fosters.

Producing something tangible is an effective way to engage students with new ideas and concepts, facilitating project based or deep learning. Only bound by your imagination, the maker space allows students to break into groups to explore concepts and test ideas in a setting perfectly designed to fit the application.

A space that fosters innovation means there is going to be a wide range of activities taking place at one time. It makes sense to designate zones within the makerspace for quiet, independent study as well as collaborative learning and production.

Find furniture that helps students innovate

This range of activities necessitates flexibility and adaptability from your makerspace furniture. Consider the students' needs and proceed from there. 

Learning at All Levels

Portable floor cushions are ideal for younger children to use while working from the floor or low to the ground. 

Standing and height-adjustable desks for students and teachers offer a new way to participate in the makerspace and reflect whats happening beyond the classroom walls.

Make it Mobile

Moving items within the makerspace can be made easier with the use of castors and wheels. Chairs with wheels make it possible for students to form collaborative clusters and allow for the exchange of ideas and information. Providing an option with tablet arms attached also allows students to tackle projects on their own.

Shinto and Maker Tables can be moved around the makerspace with ease to create large production surfaces or break way zones for ideation and design.  

Space for Storage

The essence of making necessitates the use of raw materials of all forms, quantities, and dimensions, which result in projects of ever-increasing scale, complexity, and variety. Herein lies the challenge: if not properly handled, all of those bits, sections, and partially completed projects will cause absolute mayhem in the makerspace at any given time.

Consider the Storewell range. It provides a solution that supports raw materials, learning resources and student projects. Storewell's flexibility comes from its multipurpose design that can accomodate removable totes, drawers and cupboard doors. Storewell is available in a range of sizes that can accommodate any space but has the felixbility to be customised to your needs.